At Fresno Management Company the management of your property is our primary business. While many other real estate firms will assume management primarily to develop their brokerage business, we do not treat Management as a loss leader. This is not to say that Sales and Brokerage with a partner company, Fresno Income Properties are an important part of our capabilities but never at the sacrifice of our main objectives. Because of our commitment to management service and our pride in our reputation, we devote as many resources and as much effort as necessary to fulfill our obligations to a client (both owners and tenants). We believe in building long term relationships by extending ourselves in the interest of both clients we serve. We do not believe that our competitors can match our intensity of approach or the involvement of our top management in promoting our clients' interest. This is particularly true during the transition process when we first assume management control or when extra service is required during major improvement programs.

We also believe that the management of homes and apartment buildings requires prompt efficient and friendly service to the residency we serve. Our commitment is to provide residents with services in the manner of the hospitality industry and to break the mold of the adversarial nature of the traditional “landlord- tenant” relationship. At the same time we at FMC recognize that we must effectuate and satisfy all the policies, rules and regulations of the Department of Real Estate, Ca Apartment Association, and all state , county, city codes, as well as insurance requirements and code of conduct we enforce.

Fresno Management Company understands the need to be readily available to serve the needs of all our tenants. The quality and availability of a maintenance crew can be a deciding factor when it is time to renew a lease. At some point in the near future, we will provide an in-house staff that can handle all of these needs for you as soon as they arise or we can make them available for you on an hourly as needed basis. Either way, the professional manner in which our staff conducts itself will be more akin to a representation of whom you are and how you want to serve your tenants as opposed to someone collecting just a paycheck. If you are looking for a responsible, professional real estate management company, one that offers outstanding service, you should give us a call to find out more.

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