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Real estate management is clearly a service-oriented business. We believe that any successful management program can only be achieved through tight organizational control aimed at maximizing the delivery of service to the client. We also believe there are no substitutes for time and effort and no way to avoid thoroughly investigating all aspects of a problem. Substantial allocation of our staff at every level of management is essential. Delegation of responsibility and supervision of those given responsibility is paramount.

One of the most common criticisms of management firms heard from board members, attorneys, accountants, and other professionals is that there is an inconsistency within management companies depending on the persons assigned to an account. We have sought to provide a high level of service throughout our organization by hiring highly skilled and dedicated personnel to serve our clients. Working together as a team, we are actively involved in the decision making process ensuring that executive management is aware of all the details on the operation of each of the buildings we manage. We also keep a cap to not exceed how many properties we manage as not to overextend ourselves. Each member of the team will carry no more than 100 families at a given time.

We are often asked to contrast our approach to management with that of other management companies here in town. We are not going to pretend to be something we are not or try to convince you that we are the best service that is available. However, we can assure you that the model that we have created serves as the central core of values that is adopted by every member of the FMC team. We believe that there is a substantial difference that results in a superior level of service. This difference grows out of our history and our orientation. Over the years that we have been professionally involved in residential real estate we have heard many “war” stories from the investors about their experiences with some of the management companies. We have drawn from those experiences and developed solutions to the most commonly faced issues that investors must contend with and incorporated as part of FMC’s standard services. Please see Owner Services for additional details.

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