Why Us?

Fresno Management Company is proud to be respected as a leading residential real estate management firm serving both owners and tenants properties in the greater Fresno area. Our full service firm focuses on expert property management. We concentrate all our resources on what we do best: managing your property. We are passionate about managing our client’s properties; which is our special ingredient that sets us apart from other management firms. Our attentive, responsive, ethical, and dedicated professional staff and the intense effort they give to your property are the keys to that special ingredient. We understand and value the importance of professionalism.

Fresno Management Company is proud to be providing a service that pays for itself. To enhance your investment in your apartment building or single family home, we’ve made significant investments with our staff, operations, and facilities. We take pride in our building, just like we take pride in your property. Continuous improvement, ongoing training and education fo those who serve you are what we are all about. The continuity and depth of expertise of our staff provides you with consistent, high quality service. Best of all, you know what to expect from us. Not just good service, but a great service that will pay for itself over time. Our only interest is in the physical and financial well-being of your properties and to serve their occupants. In that pursuit, very few companies can equal the quality service Fresno Management Company provides.

At present, our firm has five (5) professional staff members who service our management portfolio (both SFH and multiplex units). We carefully hand selected our team based on demonstration of professional competency, personal integrity, caring attitude, and dedication to excellence. The company’s culture is based on a stimulating and supportive organization atmosphere that encourages long-term careers with us – and yields a level of service consistency and excellence that benefits our clients. Staff quality, depth and longevity at Fresno Management Company also supports our operating style of a low building-to-manager ration that assures personalized and professional service for each building we manage. Fresno Management Company pledges to exceed your expectations by delivering the benefit of years of experience in management, communications, decision-making, supervision, planning, and cost control. By engaging Fresno Management Company, you will achieve the highest value for your property management dollar while achieving a peace of mind and ensuring an improved quality of life for your tenants.

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